September 23

Balanced Scorecard Perspectives that Are Useful for Companies

The Balanced Scorecard is a balanced card that is used as a medium to measure operational activities carried out by a company. With the Balanced Scorecard, the company becomes more aware of the extent of the movements and developments that have been achieved. The existence of Balanced Scorecard also helps companies to provide a comprehensive view of the company’s performance through Xero Silverwater. For company performance to be more effective and efficient, accurate information is needed that represents the work system being carried out. In the Balanced Scorecard, there are four types of perspectives to determine the company’s performance measures. What are they?

Financial perspective or financial perspective is closely related to company income and expenditure. In other words, companies must be able to manage finances well so that their finances continue to be stable. For example, operational costs, production costs, raw material costs, labor costs, including profits from sales activities. Both income and expenditure must be recorded in a coherent and clear. So that financial parties can observe the rate of financial growth of the company concerned. The customer perspective is closely related to the way the company serves customers. In this case, each customer must be treated appropriately. That way, they feel satisfied with the service provided.

The existence of good service will certainly increase consumer loyalty to the company. Conversely, if the service is bad, consumers will look for other companies that have a better system. In the internal process perspective, the company evaluates the size and synergy of each work unit. To measure this point, company leaders must routinely observe how the internal conditions in the company. Is everything carried out following established methods or even deviates from the rules. Each employee’s abilities and expertise will produce a good internal business process. In addition to increasing the number of consumers, turnover, and profits derived by the company will also increase.

Employees become an important element that must be maintained by the company. Without employees, the company’s growth and development process will face many obstacles. Employees also function as supporters from a financial and customer perspective. Therefore, what is planned by the company can achieve maximum targets.