November 9

All-day in an air-conditioned room? This Effect On Health

Nowadays, air conditioning, or commonly called AC, has become a primary need for some capitals. In an office room using AC, in a vehicle also using AC, and finally going home and sleeping using AC, it feels like life will feel hot without the help of everyday AC. Then, is there any effect a day in an air-conditioned room on the health of the body? Researchers at the Louisiana Medical Center found that air conditioning is known to cause human respiratory disease, also known as legionnaire (acute respiratory infection), as well as a potentially fatal infectious disease resulting in high fever and pneumonia. So, before that happens, you can repair your heating with heater repair.

Besides, the effect of a day in an air-conditioned room can eliminate humidity in the room air, which is not healthy for the human respiratory system. The cool gust of air that comes out of the air conditioner is also bad for the skin. This has the effect of eroding the outer part of the epidermis of the skin, which in turn will cause the skin to become dry, flaky, and lead to cracks. Research shows that people who work in the environment and the air who tend to use the air conditioner every day non-stop are more prone to experiencing intense headaches and fatigue. This is caused by the room that is continuously pumped by cool and cold air which will produce irritant mucus membranes (produced continuously) and can cause shortness of breath. So, it is not uncommon for office workers who spend a day in an air-conditioned room prone to colds, flu, and other diseases.

The effect of a day in this air-conditioned room is most pronounced on the skin of the body. Long hours in an air-conditioned room will only remove moisture from the skin. After that, the skin is also prone to creases and wrinkles. It is not surprising that the skin that is continuously exposed to air conditioning will support and accelerate the aging process in the body, especially on the face and neck.

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