January 12

Ayahuasca Retreats Provide Method Of Healing Enhancement

This ayahuasca retreats is that the culmination of our developments in offering the optimal opportunity for healing on all levels. By providing a deep understanding of the methodologies and practices of healing with plant spirits and consciousness enhancement, we feel confident that this course will create a replacement path of empowerment for every participant to become his/her own healer. additionally to the ayahuasca ceremonies, participants also receive personalized treatments and practice integrative techniques that enhance the facility of the plant medicines by cleansing and purifying the inner environment of perceptions, beliefs, and subconscious messaging. Ayahuasca retreats have a singular quality to supply the facility to play a lively role within the healing process and this course teaches principles and methods to reinforce that power. Complementary traditions also will be taught to further enhance the power to regain and maintain health and happiness on all levels. Ultimately, we all walk our own paths, we all live our own lives, and that we can all take responsibility for a way we react to our environments and experiences our website.

Participants of ayahuasca retreats will have natural plant treatments and therapies a day of this course, amid workshops and discussions covering a good sort of topics within the Shipibo healing tradition also as leading edge integrative practices from other cultures round the world. After four weeks within the jungle, twelve ayahuasca ceremonies, numerous plant treatments, and a progressive series of workshops, lectures, discussions and activities that demonstrate the trail to healing empowerment, participants return to Iquitos feeling refreshed and prepared to require their health and life in their own hands.

Once ayahuasca retreats participants return to Iquitos, they’re going to have time to decompress and process their experiences within the jungle, and to enjoy the sweetness and culture of the Amazon Rainforest. Our staff will assist with travel plans, shopping trips, advice, and anything we will provide to form the experience more beneficial. We still stay in touch with all of our ayahuasca retreats participants via email and social media to supply further support and guidance after the program.

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