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Cheap Torque Wrench Buying Guide

A torque wrench or 3/8 torque wrenches are a special tool for tightening large bolts with a specially designed torsional tightness level. There are many advertisements for cheap torque wrenches on the internet and at mechanical supply stores. You need to be observant when buying because the quality of the torque wrench affects the twisting strength of the bolt. Therefore this article will provide a brief guide on how to buy the best torque wrench.

Things to consider when buying a torque wrench:

Size and Construction
The best torque wrench should be strong and smooth without any blemishes, bends, or dents. The size of the torque wrench is adjusted to the type of work. For jobs such as automotive, it looks like small and medium-sized torque wrenches can be used. If the job is heavy, such as tightening large bolts on a ship or factory engine, then a large torque wrench is suitable.

Work result
Each brand of torque wrench must provide technical information about the product. However, this detailed information cannot explain exactly what the work of the torque wrench looks like, whether the result is good, is it comfortable to use, etc. To find out things like this you have to spend time reading reviews of people who have used them. Usually, they will tell you the advantages and disadvantages of the torque wrench they have used.

There are torque wrenches that use metric unit measurements, but there are also torque wrenches that use measurements of pounds, feet, inches, etc. There are even several types of torque wrenches that already use a digital system. Choose a torque wrench whose unit of measurement is familiar, easy to understand, and visible. It would be a huge waste of time if you had to convert your measurements each time you used them.

Easy to Hold
Choose a torque wrench that is easy and comfortable to grip. This will be especially helpful when your hands are slippery because of engine oil. A difficult-to-grip torque wrench will add twice as much work, not to mention time-consuming and frustrating.

Torque Wrench Price
The price of a torque wrench is not cheap. The price of torque locks on the market is hundreds of thousands to millions of rupiah. We recommend that you first determine your budget and then choose a torque wrench according to the budget that you have set. Don’t always assume that a high price means a good item because a high-priced torque wrench doesn’t necessarily match the job you are doing. Choose a torque wrench whose features match the price offered.

Consider Your Job
If you often work in a place with low lighting, you can choose a torque wrench that has a sound indicator so you don’t have to bother reading the unit of measurement.

An additional tip when purchasing a torque wrench is to list the pros and cons of each product based on the factors above. So you can more easily choose the right torque wrench for you. Always be observant in sorting out the ads for selling cheap torque wrenches, don’t be fooled by fake advertisements.

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