December 18

Forex Trading

Have you known the types of forex transactions? By understanding the types of forex transactions, we can maximize profits by utilizing these different types of transactions. You can visit our website on to get more info about high leverage in forex.

Broadly speaking, Forex trading is trading consisting of two types of transactions, such as:

– Buy or Long
– Sell or Short

Often we ask questions about trading strategies that are surely profitable in any market condition. The simplest answer to that question is to buy at the lowest price with the expected price going up after it or the bullish trend and sell at the highest price with the expected price going down after it or the bearish trend. In principle, a forex trader will make a profit if buying and selling at low prices and selling at high prices.

The next question is when is the time to buy, when is the time to sell, where do we know if the current price is the lowest price, and where do we know if the current price is the highest price? So the problem here is to determine the lowest point and the highest point, which point is already low enough to start buying, and which point is already high enough to sell. While this can be predicted with fundamental analysis and technical analysis, there is no guarantee that the analysis will be accurate.

To anticipate, there are several ways that can be done by understanding the types of transactions that exist in forex. The type of sale and purchase order transaction on the broker consists of Market Order or Instant Order and Pending Order. Market Order is an order to be executed based on the selling price of the broker (Ask Price) or the purchase price of the broker (Bid Price). While Pending Order is an order where you can specify transactions at a certain desired price.

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