October 24

Natural Remedy for Premature Ejaculation

An intimate relationship is important in a marriage. One of the problems with having sex is premature ejaculation, which can make a man feel embarrassed. But don’t be sad and despair yet, because there are several natural remedies from ejaculation by command for premature ejaculation that are believed to be effective in overcoming this problem.

A man is said to experience premature ejaculation if he cannot hold his ejaculation about a minute after penetration or almost always immediately ejaculates while having sex. The factors that cause premature ejaculation also vary, either because of biological or psychological factors. For those of you who experience premature ejaculation, you shouldn’t be too stressed. This condition can be overcome, either with medication or with a variety of special techniques. The key is not to be shy about consulting a doctor.

The following are some types of premature ejaculation natural remedies that you need to know, to help you overcome ejaculation problems.

Cloves are not only found in cigarettes or food. Cloves combined in a cream with other ingredients, such as ginseng and cinnamon, are thought to help treat premature ejaculation. However, further research is still needed to review the benefits and safety of using cloves as a natural remedy for premature ejaculation.

Dong Quai
Maybe you are not too familiar with this type of drug. Dong Quai is a type of plant whose roots can be used as medicine. Starting from drugs to treat menstrual cramps, joint pain, to problems with premature ejaculation. In its use to treat premature ejaculation, you can smear the penis with a cream containing Dong Quai.

Panax ginseng
You can find this in = far eastern Siberia, Korea, and northeastern China. The most commonly used part of ginseng is its root. Panax ginseng has been used as a natural remedy for premature ejaculation traditionally in several countries in Asia. The benefit in overcoming the problem of ejaculation is thought to be derived from the active ingredients in ginseng which can stimulate nerves and increase blood flow in the penis.

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