November 1

Starting a Laundry Business? Must-Have This Laundry Equipment!

Busy people or the conditions in which they live alone often rely on the laundry business to wash their daily clothes. Not only that, but some types of clothes also need to be washed with special treatment. Not surprisingly, various laundry equipment GEMLSA must be owned by laundry entrepreneurs to answer all the problems of washing their customers’ clothes. If you are one of the people who are interested in this business, you must know what laundry equipment is needed. These items will make it easier for you in the process of washing clothes. Without further ado, let’s take a peek at the variety of laundry equipment a laundry business must have!

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What are the scales in the laundry business? This laundry equipment is used to weigh the number of clothes to be washed. This laundry service fee is determined by how much clothes are washed in kilograms. Together with a scale, this laundry equipment usually also provides a basket to support the clothes and take them to the washing process. You don’t have to have many features, choose a washing machine that works well and can wash large amounts of clothes. Also, this laundry equipment must be available in more than one piece.

For it to be used for a long period, you must be diligent about cleaning this laundry equipment at least once every six months. Apart from being durable, bad odors and bacteria also need to be eliminated. To clean this laundry equipment, put two cups of vinegar in the tub and operate as usual with the warm water option. The combination of warm water and white vinegar can get rid of bad odors and lingering bacteria. Then, rinse every piece of laundry equipment, from the detergent container, the inside, to the outside, with a quarter of white vinegar and warm water using a sponge. Finally, rinse the outside of this laundry equipment with warm water and operate the washing machine filled with warm water to rinse the inside.

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