October 11

Tips to Maintain Long Lasting Make-up for Oily Skin

For owners of oily facial skin, make-up wears off easily seem familiar. It is not uncommon for you to frequently redo your make-up so that your face looks fresh every time. But, this problem can actually be avoided if you know how to work around it. Every human being has sebaceous glands in the deepest skin tissue. However, these glands are overactive in people who have oily skin types. On the face, excess oil can be clearly seen in the T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin) you can use honey for oily skin.

Oil on the face can actually be hidden by applying make-up products that are correct and according to your skin condition. In order for your facial makeup to appear longer shine-free, make sure the products you use have a special formulation for oily skin, such as those that are matte, oil-free, or shine-free. Here are tips that you can try:

Refresh your face first Before starting make-up, you should first dab your face with a cleansing product with an oil-free or oil-free label. After that, use a special primer for oily skin that is oil-free and shine-free (anti-shine or matte), at least in the T zone, before you use foundation, powders, and other products. This action can help make-up stick more closely to the face.

Use a light moisturizer If you want to apply a moisturizer, it is advisable to choose an oil-free moisturizer or to use a light-textured product such as a serum. Moisturizer in the form of serum can moisturize the skin without making it look greasy.

Avoid too much exposure to the powder So far, maybe many think that the more powder you use, the more oil your face will be free. It turns out that thinking is wrong, you know! In fact, too much powder can stimulate the pores on the facial skin to produce more oil. So if you want to use powder, just apply the powder to oily areas and it is advisable to choose the type of powder that has a translucent matte formula.

In addition, the most important thing you need to know is to avoid using oil or alcohol-based cleaning products, because they can cause skin irritation. Instead, use an oil-free facial cleanser, which is made from mild ingredients to clean make-up.