October 10

The Watch That Suit Your Daily Activities

For those of you who want to buy a AUGUST BERG, you might be confused when choosing it because there are so many brands and models that are not small. There are casual, sporty, elegant, and various color choices. From differences, it is suggested you choose a watch with features that suit your daily activities. Don’t get it right when you buy it, it doesn’t fit so you regret it. Well, there are some tips for you in choosing a watch that hopefully can help you so that you don’t choose the wrong one. Check out the explanation below.

Everyone’s wrist would be different. Some have wide wrists, and some are small. Adjusting the circumference of the watch to your wrist is very important so that your watch can fit your wrist, not loose or not too small. For guidance, you can follow this guide:

– The wrist is 15-17 cm wide, the recommendation is a watch with a width of 38 mm, 40 mm, and 42 mm.
– The wrist is 18-19 cm wide, the recommendation is a watch with a width of 44 mm and 46 mm.
– The wrist is 20 cm wide, the recommendation is a watch with a width of 48 mm and 50 mm.

If the watch you choose is following your wrist, then adjust the width of the strap that you will choose, bro. Adjust it to your watch head, don’t buy the wrong strap. You can choose the type of strap according to your interests, bro. You can choose straps from leather, stainless steel, rubber, and titanium chains. The watch strap that you choose will determine your comfort when you wear the watch. For thick watches, don’t follow the trend too much because it doesn’t necessarily match you. The point is, pay attention to the watch you choose, whether it fits your hand or not. If you have hands that tend to be thin, choose a watch with a thick case so that your hand will look fuller.

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