December 7

Want to Make a Child-Friendly Balcony. This is the way!

The appearance of a two-story house will certainly be even more beautiful if it has a balcony area. However, the desire to have a balcony on the top floor is often hampered by feelings of anxiety related to security issues – especially for those of you who have toddlers. Security in a dwelling must take precedence, but that doesn’t mean you have to limit your desire to be creative. For you, a family with toddlers, you can equip your house with a beautiful balcony area. It’s just that making a balcony must meet safety standards for children so as not to endanger. Make the balcony guardrail higher than 80 cm or the average height of a toddler-aged two years. Because at this age your child is very active and enthusiastic about trying new things. Then, choose a balcony railing with vertical bars so the child can’t climb hirein. Horizontal railings make it easier for children to climb because they are shaped like ladders. Make sure the distance between the bars is less than 12 cm so that the child’s head cannot pass into the gap in the bars or you can consult with Heras fencing hire.

Try to design a balcony that has a concrete tongue at the bottom. This concrete deck serves to prevent objects from falling directly down. The balcony tongue can be made 50-70 cm wide. For safety, the concrete tongue can be used as a small garden covered with green grass so that the surface is not hard. Young children tend to move spontaneously. Therefore, try to provide a barrier behind the balcony railing. These barriers can be plants in short pots or sets of tables and chairs. This barrier serves as an attempt to slow down the child’s motion to get closer to the balcony. Always keep the balcony close to the door. That way access to the balcony area is faster. Some modern houses have remote, winding door access to the balcony. This will complicate and slow down handling efforts if the child breaks into the balcony area.

To minimize the worst possibility, make an area under the balcony with a plain that is not hard, for example, a swimming pool, fish pond, grass, or shrubs.

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