December 18

When Your Car Key Is Left Behind Inside A Locked Car

Some people sometimes forget to remove the car keys that are still hanging in the car when the door is locked. Usually, this often happens when people are in a hurry. Of course, having a car key left in the car is very annoying. This makes people call trusted car locksmith often.

You can read some of these ways you can do to open a locked car door from the inside:

Using Inflatable Wedge

An inflatable wedge is a tool that is almost similar to a screwdriver in terms of how it is used. The difference is, this tool uses air to open the door. The air used is useful for protecting the car from damage when trying to open a door that is currently locked. If you use this tool, you only need to spend 1 minute to open it. However, the price of this tool is quite expensive.

Using a screwdriver

You can use a screwdriver to open a locked car door. You do this by using a screwdriver to provide an opening so that a small scribe can pull the key. However, you must be careful so you will not damage your car.

Using a professional unlocking tool

You can use a professional unlocking tool that provides a set of special tools that are used to open a car door panel or dashboard. This tool is made of plastic with various shapes designed for the needs of the exterior and interior of the car. The price is also priced at an affordable price on the market.

Using a Metal Ruler

Metal rulers can open locked car doors. The trick, first remove the rubber that is on the windshield. Then, insert a ruler through the inside of the door. After that, if the ruler has entered, find and press the door hook to pull it until the door opens again.

Call the Locksmith

If you don’t have time to do some of the previous methods, you can use the last option by calling an unlocking expert who of course has experience in opening car doors that are locked properly. Besides being more practical and fast, you also don’t need to bother.

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